Pereira and Risaralda in Numbers

In the past few years, Pereira and Risaralda have shown an important economic growth as a result of a dynamic industrial sector and the increasing importance of the service provision sector. Likewise, the region?s entrepreneurial sector, with it?s thriving vocation for exporting, traditionally towards natural markets such as Venezuela and Ecuador, have evolved in a positive way by taking in not only the advantages of our region in terms of the strategic geographical location but also the production capacity and high quality standards and associative processes found here, allowing us to be competitive in the regional offer in some European, American and Asian markets.

Additionally, public policy and private strategies have developed jointly around the strengthening of human talent. Concrete actions developed in the framework of the Risaralda Investment Promotion Strategies led by Invest in Pereira have impacted the unemployment issue in a positive way. In fact, the demographics of the unemployed population, coupled with the training strategies that are underway in the region, have allowed unemployment rates to become an advantage in some economic sectors, especially the outsourcing services sector.

The dynamic entrepreneurial sector and the institutional articulation focused on facilitating investment and grown processes for new and installed companies have allowed Pereira to be ranked in the top places in the Doing Business in Colombia report, developed by the World bank, where different aspects are evaluated that summarize the ease of doing business in different cities in Colombia.